Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bratz 2015 Selfie Snaps Yasmin and Cloe

I finally saw the new Bratz dolls in-store and they're cute! (But nope, I didn't buy them.)

I only saw Yasmin and Cloe.

Here's Yasmin:

I have to say, in the box the bird bag really stood out for me. It is so cute! Next are Yasmin's feet/shoes. Bratz dolls have pegged feet, and I really don't like that because if you lost the shoes, you end up with the doll having no feet and it's just inconvenient. Anyway, Yasmin's feet look so big! This doll truly has an odd body proportion.

Here's Cloe:

Cloe's really cute here. I love the pink hair and I think her faceup is adorable. I see a lot of old Bratz dolls in this thrift store I go to and they all have their lips lined with a colour that is different from their lipstick shade, and that's just... how do I say this... chola style? It just doesn't work for me.

Her eyeglasses? Love it. It's so cute. I wish to see her wearing it, but of course I can't try it on her, haha.

Her boots are adorable, too. Never mind that that they are oversized. I just look at her shoes as chunky platforms. At least her feet are "hidden" and I can still imagine them being regular sized unlike Yasmin's feet.

These dolls have so many accessories. It's such a shame that Monster High dolls don't come with as much accessories. 

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