Sunday, August 23, 2015

Toy aisle photos

My sister in America told me that she finally bought me a doll. Just one. But she told me it's the craziest looking doll she could find. Knowing that she's not Monster High fan, "craziest" could mean anything, haha! I just told her not to tell me what it is that she bought, and to surprise me on the day we meet again.

Anyway, just wanted to share the photos she sent me when she was shopping for the doll she's about to give me. I don't know which store these are from but it's definitely New York. /Toys R Us Times Square

Monster High Freak du Chic. Oh Gooliope is so big, she can't even fit in this photo, LOL!

Not so sure about this Ever After High line (I see Cerise, Cedar and Briar), but that's definitely the new C.A. Cupid on the upper shelf

Styling head. Thank God my sister didn't get me this. I want a doll, not a decapitated head, LOL!

Signature dolls Kitty Chesire, Rosabella Beauty and Faybelle Thorn, and a Mirror Beach Apple White on the left. Oh and Project MC2 dolls on the top shelf!

Freak Du Chic Circus Scaregrounds playset with Rochelle Goyle! And the Ghoulebrities in Londoom 3-pack below

Royally Ever After Apple White, the School Spirit 2-pack and a Way Too Wonderland playset with Raven Queen

I will be getting my new doll on Tuesday! Can't wait!


  1. Too many little money he he he, I thought these are now at Toy Kingdom!

    1. Oh I wish Toy Kingdom had them, lol. But they just have a lot of clone dolls in stock.