Sunday, August 16, 2015

Monster High budget dolls

If you recall, I referred to this Monster High budget doll line on this post back in June. This photo was released pre-SDCC and I read a lot of mixed reaction online regarding this upcoming line. Here's the leaked photo:

From left to right: Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, Gigi Grant

What makes them different from the current Monster High dolls? I think it would be their elbow and wrist articulation. These dolls are posed with their arms and hands on their side. It reminds me of the budget Barbie dolls sold in toy stores nowadays, but these dolls have knee articulation so it's not that bad.

Pros: It would definitely be cheaper than the regular Monster High dolls. I also think they can withstand child's play much longer because their arms can't be broken easily. The dolls are also wearing cute fashionable outfits that would be good for sharing with regular Monster High dolls. Also if you are a beginner in doll customisation, these dolls are a much cheaper alternative for practicing.

Cons: Of course it's less fun to play with dolls with unarticulated arms because the range of movement is more limited. It will be less enjoyable to display or photograph them because you can't pose them very well. But I think that's the only flaw that can be seen by discerning Monster High doll collectors. But for kids who just want to have at least one Monster High doll, this is such a great idea!

Overall I think this is a fun addition to the Monster High enterprise.

There's no further update yet when these dolls will be released, but I wait for the day they hit my local toy stores.

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