Monday, August 24, 2015

Hunter's new foot

Out of the blue, I started working on Hunter. If you remember, my Hunter Hunstman doll is missing a foot.  Photos from the seller:

I had to remove the peg that got stuck in his ankle first. This is the ugliest and most troublesome part of the process. I used a hand saw to cut along the seams of the plastic. I even accidentally stabbed my finger with the craft knife earlier.

Then I filled in the gap with paper clay. I was too impatient to let it dry so it's crumbling a little. I should actually paint it flesh-toned then apply a coat of Mod Podge but I skipped those parts because I really want to attach the new foot already.

I bent a short piece of wire into some kind of plug and inserted the wire plug through the ankle hole then glued it down. But before I did this, I made sure the new foot fits on the other end of the wire plug.

This is the new foot I was referring to earlier. The foot has no toe definition, but it's just the right size for Hunter's right foot.

I tried to make it stand and I'm glad it can balance on its own thanks to its flat feet. Please don't mind the weird position of the lower legs.

The new foot is not as movable as Hunter's original foot, but my goal was just to complete Hunter's body anyway. And I didn't glue the other end of the wire plug to the Bratz foot because I want to be able to remove the foot if I need to dress or undress him.

Hunter Huntsman is now complete. He can finally stand on his own!


  1. Sis! you are very creative and patient, I wish Im also like you. He looks like an Indian.

    1. I wasn't even that patient because I didn't paint the paper clay to match his skin tone, lol. Maybe I will do it next time.

      I don't know what his ethnicity is, but he reminds me of someone. I like his built so I decided to get him.