Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Pope Francis dolls

When Pope Francis came to visit Manila this year, the variety of merchandise that was released was quite overwhelming. The dolls that were made in the likeness of the pope were the ones that caught my attention, particularly because it reminded me of my late cousin. It's because he spent his last few days in the hospital with his Pope John Paul paraphernalia. If he were still alive, he'd probably enjoy having his own pope doll.

Anyway, these are the two kinds of Pope Francis dolls that stood out for me. The images are from the Internet:

These dolls are from Dolljoy Gallery and Museum. So cute! They are limited edition so I think they are not available anymore. Here's an old post about the dolls from Dolljoy's Facebook page.

Dolljoy Gallery is in Pasig. I want to visit but I'm not familiar with the place. Too bad.

These dolls, on the other hand, are from Precious Moments Manila. They are still available! Details here.

They are all lovely to look at, but I thought they were too expensive for me, so I didn't get one at all.

* * * *

I'm not very religious but I find the pope to be endearing and very poetic. I really liked this moment of him responding to a child in tears.

"Certain realities of life are only seen with eyes cleansed by tears.
"Have I learned to weep? Have I learned to weep when I see a hungry child, a drugged child on the street, a homeless child, an abandoned child, an abused child, a child used as a slave by society?
"When we are asked, 'Why do children suffer?' 'Why does this or that happen, this tragic thing in life?' May our answer either be silence or a word born of tears. Be courageous; don't be afraid to cry."

Here is another preaching which I liked, for Filipino couples. Excerpt taken from
"Don't ever lose the illusion of when you were boyfriend or girlfriend.
"I recommend that at night when you examine your consciences, ask yourself today, did I dream about my sons and daughters? Did I dream of the love of my husband or my wife?
"Did I dream of my parents, my family? It is so important to dream and to dream in the family. Please don't lose this ability to dream in this way."

I think these are good messages for everyone, no matter if they are Catholic or not! That's why I shared them. Have a good day!