Sunday, August 2, 2015

Pretty Cure Mini Cure Black and Takara Compact Doll CD-8

At Toy Kingdom, SM Mall of Asia, I found boxes of Pretty Cure Mini Cure Black doll and other Pretty Cure items on clearance. The doll was for sale at P150. I had a P100 gift certificate and spare points from BDO Rewards so I was able to buy the doll with no cash out of my pocket. Score!

I prefer her school uniform over her transformation outfit so I switched outfits for this photo.

The doll is very small! I placed my Takara Compact Doll beside it. I got CD-8 (This is her actual name, ugh!) at a thrift store for P100! She didn't come with her stand though.

I tried to dress CD-8 with Cure Black's uniform but the clothes were ill-fitting. I even had to borrow Cure Black's arm bands from her transformation outfit to use as socks for CD-8.

I want to make clothes for Cure Black! I don't know what kind of clothing, but I just want to, haha!


  1. Compact Takara is lovely! Haven't encounter in thrift stores, not yet ;-)

    1. It is lovely, but it's also delicate. The wiring around the knees might pop out if I am not too careful in handling it.