Monday, August 3, 2015

Bootlegs, bootlegs, bootlegs! [Part 1]

I like taking pictures of bootleg dolls.

Ever After High bootleg dolls:

Cerise Hood and Apple White?
Cerise bootleg looks cute though.

Briar Beauty and whatsherface

This does not even look like Raven Queen. Who should this be?

Apple White?

I wasn't able to take pics of the other bootlegs I saw at Circle C Mall. They have Ever After High face mould, but the body is made after Monster High. Pretty sure I've seen a bootleg of Apple White, Raven Queen and Madeline Hatter that time.

Monster High bootleg dolls:

These are quite tiny!

Everybody wants to be Draculaura except Clawdeen Wolf.

I've also seen knockoffs of Wydowna Spider and Sirena von Boo back then but I couldn't take pictures of them. And I know where to get that pink girl from the Devil Girl line but she's expensive, so yeah, never mind.

Novi Stars bootleg doll:

Pretty useless shoes, if you ask me. But those frames look cute. I wonder if it won't fall off her face because it doesn't look like she has a nose to hold up those eyeglasses.

I have other bootleg pics but my internet connection is not good at the moment. I'm having difficulty in uploading photos. Next time!


  1. Novi stars looked interesting, nice sandals. We are flooded with bootleg dolls!

    1. That is true! I have seen more but I couldn't take pictures. Store policy, many people around, I was lazy, etc.

  2. Thanks for sharing these, I love seeing knock offs of popular dolls. Those are some interesting shoes that come with the Novi Star clones, it looks like they're both for the same feet.

    1. Oh you are right! I didn't notice they're both right shoes!