Thursday, August 27, 2015

Shoe keychains at CD-R King / Kenko World

Today I passed by CD-R King and checked out their keychains. They had these shoe keychains which I thought might be on the same scale as my Monster High dolls. I've kept watch of these keychains every time I stepped in CD-R King or its sister company Kenko World. I finally caved in and got a pair of bright pink shoe keychains.

Unfortunately the shoe keychains are for the right foot only. That means if you buy a pair, you get two right shoes. It used to bug me but remember that my Madeline Hatter has two right feet, so I bought a pair of right shoes!

Here is a screen shot from the Kenko World website:

I got solid pink ones that look like that purple shoe. Sorry I have no photos of them right now. Maybe next time.

When I fit the shoes on Maddie, they are a bit large, but it's not that obvious. Also note that the shoes are flat, not high heeled, and Maddie's feet are sculpted for wearing high heeled shoes, but it's not bad when I am not particular with that kind of stuff.

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