Monday, August 3, 2015

What's Buni? dolls and other bootlegs

I saw these new dolls at Toy Kingdom!

These are called What's Buni? dolls. 

They're small dolls with inset eyes. They wear a dress, a pair of shoes and an animal hat or a bunny ears headband. Their hands are curled, as if they're holding something.

What is up with the name? I don't understand why it has to be Buni. Maybe it means something in a different language, but in my native language, it means fungal infection of the skin.

These do remind me so much of Buni Monztor. Maybe both dolls have the same manufacturer.

Now these look like similar dolls but the packaging is different. They're called Selina the First. HAHAHA. I think these are supposed to be bootlegs of Sofia the First, but as you can see by their dresses, they also are bootlegs of Disney princesses! And look at the My Little Pony bootlegs packaged with them! These ponies are also sold separately, it's pretty funny.

If I have to pick a set, it would have to be the one with the plastic seat because I like doll seats and I use them for displaying my dolls.

I didn't buy any of these because I have a lot of naked dolls to deal with, haha.


  1. Cute Buni dolls, I saw these also at TK and was surprised the packaging resembles the Pullip doll (all plastic) I bought in an Otaku event.

    1. Maybe the makers of this doll also took inspiration from Pullips. Who knows.