Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Gashapon! [Part 1]

I like gashapon/gachapon/gacha gacha toys, but I just can't handle the suspense of not knowing what toy I'm going to get when I drop that coin in the machine and turn the knob to get the toy, so for the most part, I just look at the display.

I've only tried the machine twice in my life and it was quite nerve-wracking, LOL. Well, the second time was. The first time was just me trying the machine not expecting much. This is the one I got:

I don't know this character very well but I am pretty sure this is from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I like that it has its own stand and it's just compact but still very detailed.

One token here costs P60, so if it's a 100 yen toy, that's already P60. The conversion rate right now though is Y100 = P36.77. Yikes.
2 tokens worth P120 versus Y200 = P73.54
3 tokens worth P180 versus Y300 = P110.31
Can you see how expensive this is?

I'll talk about my anime figures in another post, but for now here's an image dump of some gashapons I've seen and to which I've paid attention.

One Piece:


Hello Kitty (1 token! That rarely happens!):

Neon Genesis Evangelion (I want Asuka Langley, the orange-haired girl):

Sailor Moon (So cute! They are always sold out.):

Train cases / suitcases with stickers inside. I'm not sure if it is of 1/6th scale:

 Cheerleaders. This is not from the Koppu no Fuchiko line. I believe this is from a different manufacturer:

Big Hero 6's Baymax inflatable toys:

Monsters Inc. figures and cheerleaders:

Disney princesses figures and Toy Story soda bottles:

Yu Yu Hakusho / Ghost Fighter. I regret not getting any of these:

More gashapon photos soon!


  1. Never tried these machines, hmm interesting...the suitcases.

    1. You need to buy the token/s then insert it into the coin slot, then turn the knob and a capsule will drop. Quite similar to vending machines.

  2. omgosh I was looking for the toy story soda bottles forever!!! I am missing the Alien and Woody one and I can't find it anywhere in Singapore :(

    1. Awww. :(
      I wish you good luck in finding the rest of the bottles!