Wednesday, August 26, 2015


My sister came to Manila after being away for 10 months or so already, and she gave me TWO DOLLS as pasalubong. To think that I thought I would only get one, this is a great surprise!

Here are my two brand new dolls!!!


Honey Swamp comes from the new line Freak du Chic and she is styled as a marionette! Her knee joints are actually very loose so her legs flop, just like a marionette!

I've never had a Honey Swamp before this so this is a cool addition to my current collection. Her hair is so curly and wild, I don't even need to comb her hair anymore. I love her detachable arms. I could actually fit them to most of my thrifted Monster High dolls with such ease!

Kitty Chesire is one of my favourite characters from Ever After High, probably next to my most favourite which is Madeline Hatter. She is the daughter of the Chesire Cat and if I'm not mistaken, she's the only EAH doll with a smile that shows her teeth! I love her face and her leggings! I'm pretty sure Kitty the doll is missing her bracelets which are present in her box art, but I don't really mind.

Now I have two Wonderlandian dolls, Maddie and Kitty!! And I have Hunter, too, so that makes them THREE REBELS!

I noticed that I have an inclination to like purple coloured dolls. This is quite odd, haha, but I guess that's what I like right now!

So cute! I am very grateful for my sister who doesn't frown upon me liking dolls even at my age. I just find them enjoyable nowadays, OK. I like toys; what's wrong with that? :)


  1. Wow!! They're beautiful and colorful too! Congratulations! I love the color.