Wednesday, September 2, 2015

La Dee Da Sweet Party Sloane as Lollipop Swirl doll

I was at Kids Depot at Market Market when I spotted the La Dee Da dolls on sale. The most expensive ones are priced at P500, I think, while the cheapest is sold at P300 (Juicy Crush line). I was much drawn to the cheapest because I think spending P300 on a good doll is much better than spending the same amount on a clone. Also I've never had a La Dee Da doll before.

The cheapest and the lone doll from the Juicy Crush line on the shelf was Dee as Watermelon Mist:

Dee as Watermelon Mist, La Dee Da Juicy Crush

This version of Dee is a little different from what was sold. Her hair piece and skirt didn't have tulle and the skirt has an entirely different design. I was thinking of getting her but I was also thinking against it, so I just stepped outside the store without buying anything, LOL. The whole week afterwards, I was reading up reviews about her and thought, hmm OK I might get her after all.

/I found this photo in my laptop and don't remember that I took a photo of Dee a long time ago.

I read a lot about La Dee Da dolls beforehand. Here's what I found out:

  1. They've already been discontinued, so getting them might be a good idea after all because they're somewhat rare in the Philippines.
  2. They can share their dresses with Monster High dolls. Pants are a different story.
  3. Their shoes are difficult to share with other dolls because of the length and arch (or lack thereof) of their feet.
  4. Their head is quite heavy so it's better to have a La Dee Da stand that clips at the thighs instead.
So I went back to Kids Depot the next week and found out that Dee as Watermelon Mist is already gone, haha. There was Sloane as Tropical Twist but I didn't want her; she's too yellow for my taste. I saw other dolls, like that Pop Art doll and some dolls with one of their arms bent intentionally, but I didn't want them either because they came with no stand at all. But there is one doll that was priced P400 and had a stand; it was Sloane as Lollipop Swirl from Sweet Party line, so I grabbed her even if I was feeling a little disappointed that I didn't get the Watermelon doll.

It turned out that I made the right choice because the stand is very important. There is no way for the La Dee Da doll to stand on its own because of its weird body proportion (big head, slim body, small feet). 

She now is standing between Kitty Chesire and Honey Swamp and it pleases me, haha.

I felt that my room is starting to get crowded because of my desk clutter and even the clutter on my shelf, so I decided to just put most of my dolls in a filing box then display a select number of dolls. These three are displayed on my desk because they all have stands, while Hunter is sitting on my shelf together with Maddie right-legs and Maddie the Monster High hybrid, haha. I definitely need a better storing or displaying solution for my dolls.

While on the subject of La Dee Da dolls, here are images of other dolls that I think look great.

Cyanne as Sunflower Burst, Garden Party

Tylie as Snow Queen, Fairy Tale Dance

Cyanne at Art Show


  1. they are adorable!

  2. Do they have a facebook page? I've been looking for this

    1. It doesn't seem like they have one.