Thursday, September 3, 2015

Vintage Dawn doll by Topper Corp

So I finally caved in and decided to get the Dawn doll I saw last time I was at the thrift store. I wasn't that hopeful to find Dawn though because it's been a few days since I had been there. But there she was, still in the jacket I made her wear in the store last time before I decided to leave her behind. (OH I didn't realise that the jacket is from Monster High's Gilda Goldstag! Woo!)

Sorry for the lack of better photos. My phone is dead, that's why. LOL

I cleaned her up as best as I could and dressed her in a Monster High shirt I found on the same day. Surprisingly, she can wear short Monster High and La Dee Da tops and dresses considering she is just 6 inches tall. She can also wear the cheongsam of my Takara Compact Doll.

Her joints are really loose. I find it difficult to retain her pose.

Her feet are very small. I couldn't find shoes in my collection that would fit her. I even tried on the shoes of Cure Black of Pretty Cure, but nope, it's still too big!

Her left thumb has been cut off. Aww.

The wiring for her knee made the vinyl green. I also can't bent her knees very well. The wire might poke out if I bend it too much, which is the same problem I have with my Takara Compact Doll and vintage Jenny doll.

Her face colour was a little off, but I made it worse. I tried to make her wear a new accessory and didn't realise that the paint transferred to her face. I accidentally smudged the paint on her face and now when I try to scrub it off, it just won't come off. Sigh. But it's OK, I don't mind anymore. Her face paint needs a touchup too, but I don't repaint dolls so I'll leave it as it is.

Her hair is rooted really well.  I just want to keep her hair down so at the moment, she has a loom band tied around her head.

I really need to make clothes for her now. I think she looks good in billowy dresses, so I'll come up with one in time.

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  1. Well.......she waited for you, meant to be with you. She's smaller than I thought, but cute!