Friday, July 10, 2015

Mimi and Jenny

Meet Mimi.

I'm not even sure if her real name is Mimi, but she reminds me of the Juu Juu and Mimi dolls from South Korea, so Mimi it is. Her label at the back reads Saerowa, and I believe it's a name of a toy company.

I found her naked and her body has already fallen apart. I've seen her before at the thrift store but I wasn't interested at the time. I thought that because her body is falling apart, I could get her for a good price. I bought her for P50.

Finally at home, I examined the body. 

Her hair is thin but is in good condition. I gave it a wash because who knows what got in there, y'know.

Her legs were really yellow. I had to use acetone and elbow grease to remove the stain!

I was thinking I could just transplant her head to a different body. In fact, I bought a 2009 Best Friends Club Ink body for the transplant. Here is the actual doll:

2009 Best Friends Club Ink Addison

First, I took photos of Mimi in her own body:

So remember the doll clothes I thrifted which I was saving for my niece? Well, I changed my mind on 3 items: this halter top that is just too big but I can turn into a shirt, a maxi skirt, and the shorts with the pink belt.

The shoes from the Elly-chan fashion pack fits her really well!

I can bend her legs! No wire poking through the vinyl!

I like the shorts. It's so dainty and cute!

She can really bend her legs. Yay!

Here is Mimi's head on a BFC Ink body. She is wearing the room dress from Elly-chan's fashion pack and a pair of slippers that I got from a cheap lot of doll shoes.

The slippers don't fit her though. Regardless, her articulated ankles can make her stand on her own!

Her arms do not bend, but they are pretty easy to pose.

Another photo won't hurt!

Here is Mimi back in her old body. Her chest fills in the dress a bit too much but I can still close it at the back properly.

She's wearing Elly-chan's waitress outfit. It's too short!

Here is Mimi in an Elly-chan pink wedding dress. I took this in the dark because I wanted the photo to look creepy, haha.

Now meet Jenny.

I found her in this yellow outfit that reminds me of Thai monks! When I found her, I was just awe-stricken. I couldn't believe I've finally found a Takara doll of this size. I bought her for P150 which I think is a good price.

I threw that tattered fabric away when I got home. It even has holes.

Her hair was gross. It was sticky and the curls were awkward looking. Also I tried to bend her legs and the wires inside punctured them, ugh. This is what I don't like about this doll. Even my Takara Compact Doll has the same problem. (I will talk about that on a different post.)

I washed her and styled her hair to the best I could do, haha. But it wasn't enough, I guess.

I gave her curls on the side, but my god, her hair won't fall down. It just has a life of its own, haha! Volume, calm down, will you please!

I like how the curls look from this angle.

But it looks like box hair from the back!

I still like her though.

Here's Jenny and Mimi together. I like Jenny's body better because the colour is just uniform and the material used is much durable. Mimi's body falling apart earlier is an indication that the quality of the doll is much inferior. Plus her arms are made of a different material. It's definitely not vinyl.

Mimi's arms are shorter and her head is smaller. Jenny's hair is thicker and I'm just not afraid of her falling apart. However, Mimi can bend her legs which makes her more posable, and I don't think I want to attempt to bend Jenny's anymore because of the tiny punctures on her legs.

I'm glad I have them both though. They could play cousins.

/I think the Jenny doll I found is made back in 1981-1982 and is possibly the Jenny by Nice Claup doll.

From Yahoo Japan auctions

So her hair is styled with volume like that, ha! I might restore it that way, now that I know. A vintage Jenny, who wouldathunk!


  1. Interesting Jenny, her lower torso is not the regular type they use on most Jenny/Licca dolls.

    1. Maybe it's a very old Jenny? I have no idea, but the mark on her back reads "Takara Made in Japan".

    2. I found out that it's made back in 1981-1982:

  2. The Jenny doll's hair is so voluminous(is that a word?) unlike my Jennies here with thin hair and scalps showing...
    BTW, I tried to search the company name saerowa but I found a utensil producing/retailing company instead.

    1. Her hair is ok, I think, but I can't keep it down. I think it's because of how she was originally styled. Her hair has a life of its own.

      I tried looking up Saerowa and found nothing. :-/