Monday, July 27, 2015

Jenny's new dress, and a clothes rack!

I bought Jenny a new Takara dress from the toy seller I visit at Vivo City in Circle C Mall. It's a coordinate dress and it reminds me of pastry shops!

She is with my wooden nutcracker.

I bought the dress for P100. It was still in its original packaging and I saw on the price sticker that it was sold at Book Off in Japan for 100 yen. Wow, 100 yen? That's just P37. I will make sure that when I go to Japan someday, I will look for stuff like this at Akihabara and those Off stores.

It's just a coordinate with two pieces: a pink turtleneck shirt and a yellow and brown onepiece.

Also I tried making a clothes rack out of things I have at home. I have a box of mouth depressors, some barbecue sticks and yarn to make the rack. I also have big paper clips that I bent into hangers.

The rack is actually too low. I have to fold the dresses and yukatas in half before I could hang them.

I raised the clothes rack with a few more mouth depressors (I just stacked them at the base. No glue.) and it's still too low. Oh well. I'll built a better one soon because I bought some small and big popsicle sticks and some short wooden dowels which I could use for a new clothes rack. Should be fun.

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  1. Cute dress, and the hanger how creative, never thought of that.