Sunday, July 19, 2015

Monster High Gore-geous Ghoul 28-inch doll

I haven't written in a while and should be posting about the new photo releases of Monster High pre-SDCC but I just found out about this upcoming doll from Monster High and it freaked me out. Apparently this is so much bigger than Gooliope Jellington, the new resident giant doll which stands at 17 inches. This upcoming doll called Gore-geous Ghoul or Voltageous Ghoul Friend is 28 inches tall. Crazy! That's 2'3" in feet. Add 6 more inches and it's already as tall as Weng Weng, omg.

Photos from Walmart and social media:

Monster High Voltageous Ghoul Friend: In Box

Monster High Voltageous Ghoul Friend: Out of the Box

Monster High Voltageous Ghoul Friend: Changing Eyes

Monster High Voltageous Ghoul Friend: Accessories

Monster High Voltageous Ghoul Friend: with Child Model

The thing about regular Monster High dolls is that they are really tiny and slim. It's pretty tough to make clothes for them. I could already tell even though I haven't tried it yet because I'm still fixing my limbless Monster High dolls before I could clothe them. This doll however should be much easier to style because it's bigger, but of course it will require more fabric. And it seems like it doesn't have the special articulation that Gooliope and the upcoming 17-inch ghouls have, so that's disappointing.

I wonder if it's going to be distributed in Manila. I mean, this is a 50 dollar doll in the US. Here it could be priced at P4,000-P5,000 which is pretty harsh! But my goodness. It's quite a beauty for a mannequin doll.

I wish I could see this person really badly. I haven't even seen Gooliope yet. Ugh.

/Mommyandgracieshow received the doll before it is released and they said that the knees don't bend. Wow, that sucks.


  1. Wow I thought you bought one! he he...way too expensive!

    1. It's freaking me out because it's so big. I think I can handle a 17-inch doll, but a 28-inch? A shipping nightmare.