Friday, July 3, 2015

Daiso Haul

The Daiso store at Trinoma had stock again of the cheap Elly-chan dresses! P10 per fashion! Aah!
I bought all the waitress uniforms and wedding dresses!

Here is a photo:

And here is Maddie modelling the white wedding dress:

I had to pin the back of the dress with paper clip to make it fit her torso. Then I also secured the pearl necklace with rubber band that is also tucked under the paper clip. The white veil is secured by two short hair pins.

I think this is the best Elly-chan fashion pack I've seen yet. It's totally worth the P10 I paid for, haha. Now what can I do about the shoes...

/By the way, I learned how to make my own doll stand thanks to this video.


  1. Wow that's surely a bargain! Daiso at Robinson's also had theirs marked down at P10.00 but not much selection. Just the school uniform. I bought only 2 and one Ellie doll, they said the last doll they have.

    It looked good on her!

    1. I always check out Daiso when I'm in Trinoma, hoping there's stock of the fashion packs. I'll buy again when I find new packs!