Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Quick thrift store update and Dr. Blythenstein

Ah! Yesterday I found a Jenny Takara doll at this Hong Kong surplus shop/thrift store. They had new arrival stuff and it was so timely that I dropped by because I was in the area. 

Jenny was wrapped in tattered yellow orange fabric. I lifted the fabric and took a look at the back to see the label. I read Takara Made In Japan. JACKPOT! I bought her for P150. I think the cashier didn't know she should cost more than that!

I also found some Gothic Angels dolls but their box is opened. I didn't take photos of those because they're ugly. Photo:
It's the two-doll pack on the left and the dolls that sort of resembles Lagoona Blue and Cleo de Nile. Did I already say they're ugly? I saw them first before finding Jenny so I thank God that I left them on the shelf and moved on.

I also found a Littlest Pet Shop with a Blythe doll in a [dented] box. The cashier asks P280 for it. I didn't buy it because I don't collect Blythe dolls in this scale. I don't think I will collect Blythes but I can understand the appeal. Here is the doll set on Amazon, by the way:

Speaking of Blythes, meat Dr. Blythenstein from Mexico! He has the most awesome customised Blythe dolls I've seen: His yarn head dolls are so charming!! I want to try making a yarn head doll for myself. Here is a photo collage from his Facebook:

Dr. Blythenstein custom yarn head Blythe dolls

I can't pick which one is my favourite. They're all so cute!!!

Pics of Jenny later! I also have an imitation Jenny doll which I picked up at a different thrift store earlier. The maker is Saerowa (My sister read the characters on the back for me), not Takara so it would be fun to see the differences between these dolls! I think this particular doll is called Mimi. Pics of her coming up soon, too!

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