Thursday, July 30, 2015

80s action figures!

I got my cousin's collection of old action figures. I found them when we cleaned house days after my aunt died. My cousin had them in storage but I doubt he can bring them all to Canada where he's residing. I told him I'd clean them first then we can talk later about what to do with them.

I recognise some of them because I used to play with him when we were kids. The set I recognised the most is the 1980s The Real Ghostbusters Haunted Humans set (fourth wave).

For my reference:

I don't know where his other stuff from this set went:

And there is a dismembered Ghostbuster figure which I can't fix because of the missing limbs. But it still have his proton pack and the blaster attached to it by a yellow cord.

There are even those transparent ghosts from the first wave in the lot, but no Slimer. It's OK because he's quite annoying, haha.

There were also some old He-Man figures. Really vintage stuff.

Most of the figures are sticky and quite grimy but I think soap and water will do.

/A photo of the whole lot of toys can be found here.

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