Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Photo Dump! [Part 4]

This is my haul last Friday.

It's not much.

A Burger King Anastasia doll. She has painted underwear and shoes, and her hair grows like a Crissy Doll. There's a gear on her back that can be used to adjust her hair length.

She has a red stain on the back of her legs, and her price was written on the sole of her foot. When I cleaned her up using acetone (not pure), her white underwear paint came off, so I just decided to remove all the white paint. The price on her sole won't come off completely so it will stay there.

This doll cost me P60. In my previous post, you can see her wearing a Daiso uniform which she stole from Frankie, a red cap from a Goya Bits minis (yes, the chocolate!) container, and some doll shoes I bought from Vivo Citi.

A Gumby figure by Jesco Hong Kong! I have a very small Gumby too which I thrifted on a different occasion. Now they can enjoy each other's company!

By the way, what I noticed on this HK toy is that Gumby's head is much pointier compared to the American version. The thumbs are much thinner, too.

Gumby cost me P28.

This is the train case gashapon I couldn't stop looking at whenever I find it at the toy store. I got the Germany train case. Not my favourite out of the bunch, but it's still cute. There were even sticker flakes inside the capsule that are all about Germany. I've already put them all in my sticker flake book.

This one cost me P120, but I didn't pay for tokens out of my pocket but with my card points.

An Angry Birds kid's shoelace. I thought I could use it as a belt of some sort for my dolls. This costs P35.

The train cases from the machine. Aren't they cute??!

I was actually debating with myself if i should get the train case or this Hello Kitty ice cream set which costs the same, but I got turned off by those big ice cream scoopers, haha. They're really cute though and I think they cost much cheaper than Re-Ment stuff.

I didn't buy this at the thrift store, but I want to share this anyway. This is a McDonald's Shopkins toy from a Happy Meal, and my stepmom got this for me together with a Rabbids figure which is also a Happy Meal toy. She put both toys in a package sent from New York to Manila, woo! In my previous post, you can kind of see what I got, which is a green tote bag, and an orange Flippa Flops. I also got a pink Judy Jumper in the blind bag that came with it. 

I found this last Friday too but I didn't get it. It's a Novi Stars Space Dreamer fashion pack! I found it at Toytown in Glorietta 1, and it was on sale for P150.

I was thinking so hard and for a long time about getting it because I do have a Novi Stars doll, but this pack only comes with three items: the outfit, the shoes and a teddy bear. That's like P50 each if you think about it, and even if the bear is kinda cute, I would never pay P50 for something that tiny. For a little teddy bear? No. The shoes would fit Barbie, I think, but I don't want to keep buying Barbie-sized stuff anymore.. which leaves me with the outfit. So I thought so many times to myself, is it really worth it to pay this much for this outfit?

The back of the box. To be honest, I never thought I'd find anything Novi Stars-related in toy stores anymore. Then bam, a fashion pack!

Oh and I finally took a photo of the toys my cousin left behind

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