Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Photo Dump! [Part 2]

ALF plushies! The big one is from my childhood. I believe it's much older than me, haha. The small one is thrifted and I think I bought it for P60. It was in good condition. Both plushies need a good wash.

A BMO figure from McDonald's. I'm not into Adventure Time but this character looks cool. My late aunt gave me money for a meal, so I bought a Happy Meal and got the toy.

Toothless figure from How To Train Your Dragon. I didn't buy this.

A Gachaman cellphone charm I saw at the thrift store. I'm more used to the name G-Force because that's how this show was introduced in the Philippines. I didn't buy this either.

My Groot figure which I got on sale for P150. I haven't taken a photo of Groot and Rocket together. I'll do that in the future.

A pair of Kimmi dolls I saw at a cake shop. They're cute but I don't collect kokeshi (Japanese wooden dolls) at all so I wasn't really THAT interested. I only collect Daruma dolls.

A bootleg mini fig of Loki which I got from a street vendor for P50. I was intending to gift this to a friend but we're not friends anymore so I get to keep this, heh. I'm not so crazy about building blocks like this. I think my brother got more kick out of Lego than I did.

A Batman figure and a Cheetara of Thundercats figure on display at an independent toy store. I took a photo of Batman because I used to have a 12 inch Batman figure back when I was a child. I feel a little bad that I don't know where it is now. Maybe it was given away, I don't remember. I kinda wish I kept it. And I took a photo of Cheetara because I used to watch Thundercats even though I don't necessarily understand what was going on in the show.

How To Train Your Dragon tumblers sold at the cinema. I didn't get anything at all, haha. But I thought the figure that sits on top of the tumbler is cool.

Disney Crystal Gallery 3d puzzles. At one point, I was "lusting" over these but I read somewhere that these are a nightmare to build so that cleared my head.

A Pullip x Tokidoki doll and a Bearbrick doll I saw at a Tokidoki exhibit. This was the first time I've seen a Pullip doll up close. It looks delicate and seems very expensive.

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