Saturday, January 23, 2016

New Monster High two-pack: Catty Noir and Toralei Stripe

CAT GIRL POWER! Spotted on Instagram: a photo of a new Monster High two-pack of Catty Noir and Toralei Stripe for FIERCE ROCKERS line! These dolls were found in Russia!


Catty's eye makeup is fantastic. It matches her holographic outfit because it has the broken tile thing going on.

Her asymmetrical outfit is fantastic. Long left sleeve, no sleeve on the right, short pant leg on the left, and long one on the right. Even her belt is asymmetrical, too. The only symmetrical one in her outfit would be her collar.

Toralei's dress look rather incomplete. I'm not feeling it. And it's funny that she has a microphone when she can't sing. Just watch Boo York Boo York and you'll know how horrible she sounds. Her strap accessory on her chest reminds me of something, I can't figure it out. 

(Then I did. It's freaking He-Man.)

And oh dear, give her a proper skirt!

I can't see the shoes so I can't tell if they look good or not.

On the box art, it seems like they are happy singing TOGETHER and not against each other. Maybe Catty has taught Toralei how to sing.

Additional photos lifted from, Tumblr and Instagram:

Oh so there's also an upcoming three pack of Clawdeen Wolf, Venus Mcflytrap and Jinafire Long!

The back of the box.

Profile art.

More from user NIK.U_.

Got these from Tumblr.

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