Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Yucky You

My dentist loves skeletons. She has a lot of skeletal figurines and mannequins in her office. At first I thought it was a little odd to see her collection in her office, but I've grown used to it after a while. (She even has a frog figure collection, too.)

Anyway, it's been some time since I've been there because I've missed my appointments for the past couple of weeks already. Oops. Well one time I was really about to go, but my brother is getting out of hospital confinement so I had to help him go home. But I digress.

When I sat on the dental chair 2 appointments ago, I found a new skeleton figure on her side table, and I was like whoa. I thought it was cool because it came in its own doll stand. It stands at 6 or 7 inches, I'm not sure, and is quite posable. I didn't take a photo at the time because I keep my phone in my bag which I leave on an ottoman nearby every time I'm on the dental chair.

I asked her where she got it but I didn't get a specific answer. She just said she found it where children's educational books are sold. But but but I've never seen this at our local bookstore... or maybe I haven't really noticed. She said it was cheap. Hmm.

Yesterday I was at the city hall and about to pay some taxes, but the line was so long because some people are trying to beat the deadline for the business tax which was set the next day. While waiting, I decided to eat at the food kiosks located in the parking lot. I had to pass by the local library in doing so, and outside the library is a book stand. I checked out the books over there and saw a book called "Yucky You." That seems odds for a children's book title, isn't it? And why would you call yourself yucky? Isn't it unnecessary self-deprecation? Putting those thoughts aside, I browsed the book and saw a skeleton figure with a doll stand wrapped in plastic. Oh my goodness, it's THE BOOK where the figure came from!! I asked the seller how much she is selling it and she said it's P280. Nah, not my kind of price. So I walked away from it.

Online, I found the book from an educational books website. Here is the link:
It is supposedly sold at P499.75 (Oh really?) but got discounted to P220. P220? P280? That woman jacked up the price, lol!

Here is the book. That warning tape thing above is actually a flap, so you can lift that up and the lower flap, and it will reveal the two books inside plus the skeleton pieces that can be seen through that hole plus the other skeleton parts behind the cover. And the doll stand. God, that doll stands tempts me even more into buying one for myself, but I don't really need those books at all so NAH.

I'll just take a photo of the skeleton doll when I go back to my dentist for my checkup. I've been a bad patient. I know it.

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