Saturday, January 16, 2016

Jem and Cassie

I like finding surprises when I go thrifting. I feel happy when I get really surprised by the stuff I find.

Anyway, I found... dun dun dun... a vintage Jem and The Holograms doll, and an old Lollipop Girls doll! My tall girls!

Jem was in the usual pile of dolls. When I found her and saw she is missing her hands, I thought twice about buying her. And her size is a disadvantage because she's such a big girl and I don't think I have doll clothes that would fit her, but I got her anyway because I like Jem. In fact, it's such a coincidence that I found her because I've been looking recently at Jem and The Holograms fashion dolls online. Their clothes and total look are so much fun. Jem here has her original tights. This is fine because I hate making pants. I can probably sew her a new outfit that would match the tights. Heck, I can probably recreate her original outfit.

Oh Jem's earrings light up! She has a switch on her back to turn it on and off. That's cool.

Cassie the Lollipop Girl was in a toy box full of plastic toys, and I only saw her when a guy grabbed and placed her back from the toy box because he was rummaging the box for other toys. I immediately grabbed Cassie and never let go! Cassie is missing her signature lollipop, her left thumb is bent, and her right foot has bite marks, but REGARDLESS! I want her!

/Oh shoot, I realized that Cassie is not Cassie at all but BRIGITTE. I didn't notice she has orange lipstick and not red. Oh well, I will still call her Cassie.

Jem's face is dirty. So is Cassie's but the dirt is manageable.

Another shot of the girls' dirty faces.

Jem, now without her tights, and Cassie. Both Jem and Cassie's hair are in good condition. Their hair just needed a wash and a good combing to make them look in top shape again.

Both of them can swivel at the waist. Their knees are the click type. Even Jem's elbows click when you bend them.

Here is Cassie after being washed and styled. She is wearing a pink Daiso kimono and Winx Club red pumps.

I thought her weird hands and joints would be difficult to deal with, but she can actually hold interesting poses thanks to those hands and joints. Cassie is so lovely. She's my favourite doll at the moment.

No pic of Jem after being washed and redressed because her temporary dress now just doesn't suit her personality and purpose, and that is to rock out in style. And I still have to think of a way to replace her hands so that I can complete her.

Jem's feet are so big. She can actually fit into Ken shoes. No kidding.

I got both of them for P350. What a deal!

[The dolls in the background: Madeline Hatter, Burger King Anastasia, Sindy Trendy Girl, Kitty Cheshire, Honey Swamp]

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