Monday, January 4, 2016

Miniature Shopping Carts and Keychains

I'm sick so I have more time blogging these past few days.

These are photos I took of one of my trips to the toy section of a department store.

Miniature shopping carts! They're made of stainless steel so they're very sturdy. They're quite expensive. I think they cost around P300.

Doll keychains. Not really my thing but they look like fun.

I don't know what kind of face mould this is but the body reminds me of Barbie's Kelly doll.

This one has the same face mould but varying body sizes.

These are definitely bootlegs of the Ddung doll face mould.

Miniature tennis racket and ball key chain. The racket could be 1:6 scale, but the tennis ball, no.

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