Wednesday, January 27, 2016

In Which I Thrift More Bears

So here's another thrifting haul. Three 7-11 Paddington bears, a commemorative bear and a Neon Genesis Evangelion Shinji figure with no arms.

The pink coat bear, the commemorative bear and the Shinji figure cost me P60 altogether, while the two other bears cost me P36.

Here's one of the bears. I just need the coat and the hat. His green boots are missing, aw.

The second bear. I just need the coat and the hat as well. It says 'Amsterdam' on the back of his coat.

The third bear. It says 'Hong Kong China' at the back of his coat.

The floral shorts did not come with the outfit. However, at the thrift store, I found the shorts on its own in the toy bin, so I tried it on the bear. Then I bought the bear with the shorts still on and the seller didn't notice it.

A commemorative bear from Hong Kong. Not sure what this outfit is supposed to be. Is it for the postal office?

I couldn't remove the shorts without removing the bear's feet. So sad. I just hot glued the feet to the legs afterwards. It doesn't look pretty, but who cares.

So the Shinji figure I bought doesn't have arms. It's supposed to look like these:

It's not a big deal though. I thought I would just add replacement arms for it.

I have a small hollow and unarticulated doll from a different haul. I thought I can just cut off the arms and use it for Shinji.

I cut off the arms to size. Surprisingly one of the arms fits Shinji when I haven't even glued it yet.

Another shot but without the doll head.

Here is Shinji modelling his right replacement arm.

After the body transplant.

Looks good!

I tried on the outfit of the commemorative bear on some of my dolls. It looks hoochie on Aurora.

Aurora, stop putting your hands in your pants! Haha.

Here is Liv doll Sophie wearing it. Still a little hoochie and the hat just sits on her big head.

Another shot of Sophie.

Howleen (still with no arms) is swimming in the outfit. She's too thin for this.

This might be Licca's style? It still looks baggy on her though. Oh well. Someday I will have a doll that can wear these clothes.


  1. Thumbs up on that arm transplant.

    1. I didn't even expect it would fit! :D

      Thank you for visiting my blog!!