Monday, January 18, 2016

Doll similarities

I see some resemblance. I'm not sure if you see it, too.

When I saw this photo of Bratz Catz Sasha, I really liked it, but it reminded me of another doll.

It reminded me of Clawdeen Wolf from the Sweet 1600 line. But if it could be because of the tuxedo top. Sasha isn't wearing a tuxedo but she has a bow tie and her top is black and white so it did give me some tuxedo vibe. Both dolls are super cute too. I would love to have a complete Bratz Catz Sasha doll.

Also this version of Clawdeen is like a nod to American singer named Janelle Monae because she wears a lot of tuxedos.

Since I've been on a Jem and The Holograms kick lately, I browsed this website called Rock Jem and checked out all the 1986 Hasbro dolls. One of their pages are dolls that look similar to the Jem and The Holograms line and Monster High was mentioned. Operetta was singled out too because her look resembles Kimber Benton!

Haha isn't that nice. But I like Operetta. She's the first Monster High doll I got!

I added the Tonner doll on the left for this comparison.

Speaking of Monster High, have a look at Gigi Grant from the 13 Wishes line. Doesn't her outfit look a bit like Synergy's?

Pic from Constantine Hannaher
Those sleeves! The black fabric below the sleeves! The gold detailing! The boots!

The similarity of how the sleeves were cut is suspicious!

And for the last comparison... I saw this Kenya's World doll (Beverly Hills) on a doll blog and thought SHE LOOKS SO FAMILIAR. WHERE DID I SEE THIS OUTFIT BEFORE??

Then I made a trip to the toy store and found this.

Oh man... Everything was copied!

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  1. I know this is a very late comment, when MH first came out in the store, I can't help but think it looked like Bratz, a monsterized version of ...Bratz