Sunday, January 3, 2016

My Wedding Doll, or so it says

I saw this doll at the toy section of SM department store. I think it arrived after the holidays.

It's called "My Wedding Doll". It is very expensive. I think it costs P800 or P900.

Ugh, the glare.

The face has the same mould as this mermaid doll I found. I think I'll call this mould the Miao Miao mould because I saw this mould already on packaging that says "Miao Miao" a couple of times.

I think it's a bad deal to sell a doll like this hidden in a box for such a price. I don't get to see what else is in the box. What if it's all packaging? What if the doll doesn't have any shoes?? If the box has a flap like those Liv doll boxes, then it's easier to inspect the doll before buying it.

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