Monday, January 18, 2016

A Photo Dump! [Part 5]

A small thrift store toy haul. I forgot how much I paid for everything. P100? I don't remember. I took this photo then forgot about it. Meep meep.

A miniature Nintendo DS cellphone charm. It came with a miniature video game of Kimi no Tame Nara Shineru (I Would Die For You, as translated). I don't know what game that is. I just read it off the cover.

A miniature pet carrier.

The door of the pet carrier opens and closes nicely. The handle is too small for a doll's hand though. This pet carrier reminds me of Go Bye Bye Puppy N Kitty. An example is here. My Cut The Rope figures can fit in here.

A miniature bowl of popcorn. It's made of hard rubber, I think.

A Bathing Girl Beth from McDonald's. Here is the complete set.

Beth's robe comes off. It actually fits Maddie!! You can see her wearing it in the background here.

A Paddington Bear plush. I have no use for the bear but I do with everything else he came with, which are the hat, the coat, and the boots.

The coat can be a little tricky to remove because of those wooden beads that act as buttons of the coat. The hat is sewn in the front and back of the bear's head but I was able to cut the thread. 

My Catrine DeMew- BFC Inc body hybrid is wearing the hat which fits perfectly and the coat. I thought Paddington's coat would suit Catrine very well because Paddington's fashion is based in London and Catrine is from Europe.

I don't remember how the boots were secured, but because the bear's feet are round, the insides of the boots are also round. That means my dolls can't wear them just yet. I have to slice the soles off and carve out the excess plastic to make some ~wiggle room for doll toes. I still have to put the soles back. The material resists my tubed glue for some reason (I suspect it might resist hot glue too) so I might use super glue next. Hmm

Remember my miniature Kitkat bench? I also tried sitting Red Ranger and Kirk from Star Trek. They fit on the bench! Note that I don't watch Star Trek. I just thought this action figure looks nice so I bought him at the thrift store back then as well. I forgot how much he cost me. He came with his gun but I kept it somewhere. I'll look for it when I finished moving.

My Takara compact doll CD8 on the Kitkat bench. I don't want to bend her at the knees because doing so might damage the vinyl on her legs.

A Lalaloopsy doll I thrifted, plus an outfit for a Lalaloopsy doll! I found both on the same day but they were in different bins.

This is Squiggles N' Shapes. She really does come plain like this. It's because she originally came with neon markers and you can colour her with them. Her original dress is in black and white and you can colour that too.

Her dress is owned by Crumbs Sugar Cookie.

I cleaned her up using acetone (not pure), and it removed the black paint on her button eyes and lips, plus the heart shape on her bum. It's OK.

Here she is all cleaned up and wearing the Crumbs Sugar Cookie dress.

I wanted to paint her as a clown, like this doll on the left.

I wasn't thinking of painting her with colours that match Crumbs Sugar Cookie at all.

Here is the finished product. Her new doll colours clash with her yellow and pink dress but I don't care. I gave this doll to my niece (instead of the Winx Club doll).

The Lelia mould! This doll in particular is such a mess.

See what I mean?

There's a doll kitchen set with her too, but this is definitely not from the Lelia Dream series.

Her face. Her top lip paint looks off on one side.

Last, this is my ninja Rabbids figure from McDonald's that came all the way from New York!

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