Friday, January 29, 2016

Barbie's New Body Sizes

Stumbled across this link via Tumblr:
It's about Mattel/Barbie's secret project called Project Dawn which is about reinventing Barbie's look. Now there are three upcoming body sizes for Barbie and it's awesome! That would be CURVY, PETITE, and TALL.

Original and Curvy Barbie

Petite and Tall Barbie

I found more photos:

Photos from

More photos here:
Video of the Barbie stylist holding the dolls:

Things to expect:
  1. Less clothes sharing among all Barbie dolls, which is OK because this is how reality works. But think of the possibilities of sharing Barbie clothes to other types of dolls. 
  2. Less shoe sharing among all Barbie dolls, which is also OK. 
  3. They might recycle their existing face moulds, but hair styles and textures will be more varied.
Things to consider:
  1. Will Mattel also make articulated Barbies with these new body types?
  2. Will there be fashion packs?
  3. Will these new body types be used in movie tie-in products and other themed lines?
  4. Will tall Barbie be used now for high-fashion lines?
  5. How about the kid dolls, will they be reinvented as well? Will they also come in differing sizes?
Still too early to predict if this will be a success. I hope I see these new body types in-store.


  1. I liked the curvy barbie, I know not all collectors like the idea, but for me, I just love dolls that's unique ;-)

    1. I like curvy Barbie too. And the tall Asian Barbie, Pink pizzazz or something like that.. I don't remember their fashion names.