Saturday, January 2, 2016

Lelia Dream sets

These are the sets I saw at the mall that introduced me to the Lelia dolls.

Lelia in pink towel room dress.

Lelia in Licca bootleg dress.

Leila in white and blue dress.

Lelia in white dress with cherry print, and yellow jacket.

Their bendable arms remind me of Licca and Winx Club dolls.

/While I was browsing a certain Japanese doll blog, I saw a photo of a doll there that reminds me of Lelia. Thank goodness I could read basic Japanese because by reading and googling in Japanese, I was able to identify the Japanese doll: it's a Ruruko doll from Petworks. It's the little sister of the popular Momoko doll.

Links (in Japanese):

Link (in English):

And I made a comparison photo:

Their faceup are different but something about their eyes and their lips makes them resemble each other.

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