Friday, January 22, 2016

Twilight Sparkle doll and Fun with Photobooth

I got this nude Twilight Sparkle at the thrift store and already forgot how much she cost me. P100? P150? (She's not nude in the following photos anymore.)

She's supposed to be a singing doll but her battery has run low, I guess. And her right hand is perpetually in that pose, it's quite annoying.

I had a spare Twilight Sparkle dress (not in photo) but I just thought it looked ugly on her so I removed it.

Instead, I made her wear Winx Club Flora's two-piece outfit. I had to use a small clothespin to gather the skirt at the back.

She's also wearing a pair of cheap plastic shoes that came in a pack. This type of shoe fits many dolls because it opens in half!

I used my Photobooth to take morphed photos of her and I thought it didn't do so much on distorting her face in the photos because she's a weird looking doll anyway.

More Photobooth photos with background scenes this time. I didn't like the one with the clouds. It looked the worst.

Twilight's hair needs a boil wash because it's just wild at this moment for now she can stay this way, a hot rainbow mess, because her hair still smells good from the first wash I gave her.

I finally saw the My Little Pony Equestria Girls the movie and the Rainbow Rocks one. I haven't seen Friendship Games but I think I've seen enough. It's a fun movie for youngsters. I was actually entertained myself, but I think I feel that the characters in the movie look so much better than their doll counterparts. The new Equestria Girls minis Hasbro released look more like the cartoons than the dolls. I wish they make the necessary steps to make the look of both the dolls and minis more consistent. I mean, take a gander here:

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