Sunday, January 17, 2016

Princess Malucia doll

I'm not a big fan of Barbie but when I saw this doll at the toy store, I've been thinking A LOT about getting her... The temptation..

This is Princess Malucia in doll form from the Barbie and The Secret Door movie. She's supposed to be the villain there, but her doll makes her look sweet and not evil or naughty. I still like her design because she doesn't look like your everyday Barbie.

She can definitely play as a little sister to an Ever After High doll. Perhaps Madeline Hatter's little sister. Madeline and Malucia. I like it. She lacks the articulation though so she's not as posable as her "sister". But I have some kind of inclination for purple haired dolls (I'm still picky about which purple haired dolls I like though), so I think she'd be a good addition to my growing collection.

At Toy Kingdom, she's repriced at P699.75 which is still too much, and weird because on the Toy Kingdom website, she is repriced at P500 (and not available, blah). That's a big difference! At Toys R Us, she's repriced at P500. Much better! I'm planning to get her someday. I'm still holding off because who knows, her price might dip some more.

Anyway, I thought her face mould is unique... until I saw this photo today.

These are Barbie Fairytale mini mermaids. Ugh. So mini mermaids and Malucia share the same face mould. I don't really like mermaid dolls. That mermaid with purple hair even doesn't scream TAKE ME HOME! for me. I have never seen these in person so I can't check if their face is of the same size as Malucia's.

Time will tell if I'll buy Princess Malucia or not.

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