Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Photo Dump! [Part 6]

*This should have been the seventh photo dump but for some reason, I went wrong with the numbering. I'm keeping the title as it is.

While I was out and about:

Look at these Barbie bootlegs! Don't their dresses look really nice?

I am really drawn to this purple and green dress. It has a nice silhouette and doesn't look cheap!

The dress even has a white netted fabric under the skirt! Doesn't really look cheap to me!

Or how about this one. So cute!! The colour combination is so lovely. 

Take a look at that!

This one is nice too, but I like the other one much better than this one. Still, the colour combination looks good! 

A vintage Crissy doll. Oh my goodness, it's huge. I didn't know it is going to be this big. I thought it's like a 12-inch doll, but no. Her hair really does grow because she has a gear at the back. And her belly button, which is literally a button here, can be pushed to either grow the hair or retract it, I'm not sure. 

For size comparison, I placed a Bratz Pez container beside Crissy.

These bootleg Winx Club dolls that have a Miao Miao face mould. There are actually more than 2 variants but these two are the only ones I managed to photograph at the store.

Comparisons I made with the real Winx Club dolls Bloom and Tecna.

Some small winter jacket bags that might be doll size, but the bottom doesn't have a hole in it so if you ever get one, you will have to cut the bottom open with scissors.

I couldn't take decent photos of the jackets because the saleslady was around, haha.

"Intelligent Princess". Great. This is supposed to be a musical toy that goes round and round.

It's the same Miao Miao mould again.

The Intelligent Princess in a blue dress.

So ~intelligent. Note that on the box, an articulated Miao Miao doll is photographed, but in reality, their arms are just straight.

The toy pet carrier bags I was talking about in this post.

Doll sized sofas that are actually jewellery holders once you flip up the whole top of the sofa.

Doll sized trash bins.

This kind has wheels at the back that do work. The prices of these trash bins ranges from P70 to P120, I think.

Grass growing kit that comes with a plastic bath tub.

I actually bought the pink tub (not in photo) for P39.

A top hat bottle topper and an umbrella tea infuser. Both are made with silicone. I guess the bottom of the bottle topper can be cut off if you just want the top hat.

I saw one umbrella out of its box so I photographed it.

Doll sized wooden chairs I found at the decor section of a department store.

It comes in black, and white.

They really seem sturdy and fit for the outdoors. I think they are priced at P70. I'm not sure.

The Yucky You book I was talking about in this post.

A pink Chanel bag cellphone charm that I thrifted but forgot to pay for when I thrifted these bears. Oops. The bag is pretty cute.


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