Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Photo Dump! [Part 7]

*This should have been the sixth photo dump but for some reason, I skipped. I named my next photo dump post as the sixth then.

Finally saw a new Hasbro Disney princess toy and that is this bubble-making Ariel mermaid doll.

I found these truck-shaped toy boxes which I think would be cute for storing dolls. I didn't get any though.

Desktop Creamy Mami gashapon.

I went to an art supplies store called Deovir and asked about primers and varnish for doll repainting, and got recommended with these stuff: an acrylic-polyurethane surface primer and a polyurethane matt varnish. Not in photo is the satin varnish and the gloss varnish.

A mini foosball table! I think it might be a fun prop for dolls.

Miniature Fuji cameras. Not 1/6th in scale but still cool.

Funny Statue of Liberty gashapon. Very odd, but funny indeed.

Desktop... what do I call these? I only recognise Miku (green-haired figure) here.

The only Our Generation aisle I've seen in a toy store. It's at SM Megamall.

I don't really care about those huge dolls. I was more interested in this mini dolls. They're quite expensive though: P999.75

The Rabbids ninja figure I got from my sister in America.

Sailor Moon compacts gashapon. Which are entirely useless (unless you're going to use them as paper weight), but pretty cute.

These gashapon animals sitting down are so cute. Even though I don't like frogs, the sitting frog is the one I want to have, but the other figures are cute too. Adorable!

The doll-sized jewellery holding sofa I saw in Landmark. Its top part can be flipped open.

These vanity kits that hold lotions and body washes in a small tub. The tub is not 1/6th, probably more like 1/12th but it looks cool in gold, and black.

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