Saturday, January 9, 2016

An Old Toy Collection

Here are my old photos of toys I've collected:

From left to right: My (unofficial) Spice Girls figurines, my Edith (Despicable Me) figure which I gave to my niece, my old Angry Birds spring figures which I gave to my old co-worker's son.

My first Daruma doll which I thrifted. It doesn't look like it's in good condition, but I cleaned it up and looks a bit more decent now.

Two other Daruma dolls I've thrifted.

Next time I will talk about all my Daruma dolls in another post.

My old cat with my Daruma dolls and matryoshka dolls.

I am so lucky finding these matryoshka dolls (nesting dolls). They're vintage from Russia and I bought them for P30, I think. The seller at the thrift store probably had no idea it's not just some wooden toy.

Some of my toys.

From left to right: my Bandai retro TV figure, Posh and Ginger Spice figures, my matryoshka dolls, my four Daruma dolls, my White Totoro plush, a Neon Genesis Evangelion gashapon figure, vintage style Goofy and Mickey gashapon figures which I already gave to my nephew, Scary, Baby and Sporty Spice figures, and my Sailor Pluto plush.

I took this photo way before I even collected fashion dolls.

Oh my goodness, this photo makes me feel nostalgic. This was just last year when I started rescuing Monster High and Ever After High dolls. There's even that custom Frozen Anna doll I haven't finished yet.

I'll take more care of my dolls. Customise them. Complete them. To 2016! Cheers!


    So looks like you collect not only dolls, but other toys as well. Wow u got a lot of MHD already

  2. Happy New Year, Ms 2D!
    Yes I do collect other small toys. Just those that appeal to me. I'm not the kind to collect all the new toys because it's so expensive to do, haha!