Saturday, December 12, 2015

Lelia vs. Licca

I found this doll at a department store and thought, she looks so familiar. It's because of her outfits. Here are some photos I found online:

They even come with playsets and extra outfits.

It wasn't until I was researching about Betty Teen dolls that I've found the name of this doll. It's called Lelia and it's all over Aliexpress, Alibaba and DHgate. Its name may vary like Wanju or Samantha, but now I know it's definitely the Lelia mould.

I realized at the store that two of those outfits are definitely Licca-chan rip-offs.

And I'm pretty sure I've seen that pink top and denim skirt outfit somewhere else but I can't find the image. I think it's from Ms. 2D again, haha.

I think I'm not going to buy this kind of doll because I have a lot of dolls now. But I might keep on looking for similar clothing between Lelia's and Licca's fashion.

/Lelia Dream play sets are epic though. Check these out:


  1. This doll I remember was being sold maybe 2 years ago at SM. A Takara/Kurhn wannabe. The white polka dot dress seem like copied from a Kurhn fashion (which I have also);-) actually I almost bought one.

    1. Yes Takara wannabe because the arms are bendable! I'm not sure if the makers of Lelia have original fashion or play sets because they always remind me of Takara. I don't have much information about Kurhn yet, so I will read more. Thank you!