Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Num Noms as doll hats

I checked out this new kind of toys from MGA Entertainment (Lalaloopsy, Bratz, Moxie Girlz, Project MC2). It's called Num Noms and they are cute, scented and stackable food toys.


For Series 1, the food items are cupcakes and ice cream.

I first heard about Num Noms on YouTube. I think they're adorable as decors. 

When I saw a YouTube video review of this product, I thought to myself, do the Nums (the top part of the toy that is collectable) fit dolls as hats?

Then I saw this video:

And I found the answer:

The Nums fit Barbies. They really look adorable as character hats! The Nums are squishy and quite stretchy, but I'm not sure up to what extent. I guess they don't fit big headed dolls like Monster High and Ever After High.

Here's another video:

The author of the video didn't put the Nums on her dolls properly but I still think it fits Barbie-sized dolls like Disney.

Another video here but it's for the Shopkin Shoppies' Peppa-Mint which I blogged about earlier. Here is Peppa wearing a mint ice cream Num:

Not sure how big her head is but the Num just sits on her head.

Here's another video I found and the models are My Little Pony fashems: 

Num Noms are very cute as doll beanies! I think if I were to get some, I'll get the blind box because a blind box (shaped into a yoghurt cup) comes with one Num and one Nom (the base of the toy) that is a lip gloss! Now the lip gloss is something that can appeal to an older audience, haha.

/Nums are too small for Monster High dolls:

Nums fit Tokidoki Barbie figures:

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