Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Photo Dump!

Because I feel the need to post and post before the year ends. As if I can't post in the coming year, duh.

This is the shelf from a crepe store I go to at the mall. I like those tin cars and those figures sitting at the edge of the shelf.

A vintage Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz doll from the eighties. I didn't get it. It's missing a few items and it was barefoot. It was priced at P175.

Never forget.

A Pixels The Movie tumbler that was made to look like an old arcade machine. You will need a large straw to use it at the cinema, but you can still use it as a cup without the straw. I thought this is good for 1:12 dolls.

A Sila Clops Novi Stars doll I found a while back but didn't get because it was so expensive. Its box was still intact and its eye lights up.

City Ghouls from Boo York Boo York line of Monster High. Elle Eedee (right) is fantastic! Mouscedes King's (middle) hair is lovely. And I feel nothing for Luna Mothews, bye.

A Barbie I Can Be fashion pack that was on sale at P200. I am not as fond of Barbies as I am of Monster High or Ever After High dolls so I didn't get it.

A My Little Pony Equestria Girls Friendship Games doll. She's pretty cool, but I don't really like the MLP dolls that much. Something about their face and legs... I just can't figure it out.

The following are stuff that are part of the care package I sent to my niece:

A small Mattel doll I thrifted, and a troll doll I found in our garage. I can't identify the Mattel doll at all. :-/

A Frozen Elsa plush with sounds. I thrifted this too and got it really cheap! P35? P25? I don't remember.

A towel rack from this Barbie playset:

Photo from the internet

A pack of cheap doll shoes.

I used to store those plastic shoes in a pill container. On the right is a sample of how a doll shoe pack looks like. They normally cost P10 to P20 a pack.

A green doll bag I found at our garage, and a Barbie suitcase I thrifted. Wish I kept them for myself, haha.

A bath tub from the same play set where the towel rack came from. I thrifted this too.

A cheap doll bike I got for P20 or P25.

An old pic of the bike when it was still on my table.

A Barbie high chair with its table missing. I attached a plastic chain at the bottom because a piece is also missing there and its purpose was to stabilise the legs of the chair.

The chair came from this Kelly set.

Coin banks I saw at Landmark. These look a miniature 7-11 store.

More photo dumps to come, I believe.

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