Monday, December 28, 2015

Harry Potter doll

I found this doll at the thrift store and thought he's interesting. 

Turns out he's a Harry Potter doll! He's flat footed and quite articulated so I had fun posing him. He's still in need of decent clothes though. At first I clothed him in Licca clothes and they were too baggy. He also looked silly in them, haha. Then for some reason, I decided to bring out one of my toy boxes and examine my Breyer doll.

Photo from my Hunter Huntsman and Breyer doll post
It seems that Harry and my Breyer doll are almost of similar built. 

Clothes sharing might be an option, so I gave it a try.

Harry loves his new boots. He'd rather wear these than Licca shoes or Pocahontas moccasins, haha. Note that I had to cut a slit at the back of the boots so that I can slip them off my Breyer doll's feet and put them on Harry.

Harry's face needs touchup. I just might paint his hair but do nothing on his eyebrow and lip. Should I make eyeglasses for him? Hmm...

The suit fits him. Everything fits! I still would like him to have proper school clothes and robe, just like in the movies, but this will do for now.


  1. Hello from Belgium :-). I just discovered your blog. Wow, this is a great find! The clothes fit very nicely too, his new look is great. I follow you with e-mail and look forward to new posts!