Saturday, December 12, 2015

Friday Toy Haul

Ah I bought a lot this time. I kinda wish I didn't, haha!

Here it is. It's a strange lot but let me explain.

This is a La Dee Da fashion pack I got on sale for P200 at Kids Depot. It includes a blue dress, a fur shawl, a bag, a pair of shoes, and two bracelets that can also be used as necklaces. 

The dress is so fun to try on my doll because there are two long pieces of fabric on the chest and I can do whatever with it, like tie them at the back of her neck to turn the dress into a halter, or wrap them across her arms and tie them at the back to give the illusion of sleeves, etc. The problem with this dress is that the clear shoulder straps on the dress snapped when I was trying on and removing the dress from the doll. But the dress is so snug so it shouldn't be a problem even if the straps are now gone.

The shoes are a bit loose, it's so strange. I say this because I bought another fashion pack before and the shoes included in the pack do not have straps in them but are just the right fit for La Dee Da feet. They don't fall off! My salvaged La Dee Dee Tylie as Cotton Candy Crush can attest to this (LOL) as she's only one-legged and is wearing one of the shoes. She will be posted here on my blog soon.

There's another fashion pack I didn't buy at Kids Depot and it should stay that way because I don't have anymore La Dee Da dolls to dress up! It's this one:

I think the only fashion pack I could think of right now that fits Monster High dolls would be the School Cool fashion pack, which is what I want but couldn't find.

Isn't Dee so cute in this outfit? Monster High dolls can wear this uniform too, because the skirt is not constricting for their wide hips!

I also saw a La Dee Da Garden Tea party play set which has been marked down to P300. I was so tempted to get it. But I keep telling myself, why should I? It's just made of two chairs, a table, a lamp post, small accessories and cardboard cutouts.

I mean, it's cool for photography, but I don't know anymore. What do you think?

But I digress.

I found a Sindy doll at the thrift store!! When I saw her face, I just grabbed her and hoped for the best that she was reasonably priced! I got her for P150. When I identified her online, I found out that she's a Trendy Girl doll made by Pedigree Toys from the 1970s. I am surprised that she has... dun dun duuuuuun... rooted eyelashes! I didn't even notice until I washed, dried and styled her. Also I found that one of her legs is longer than the other. I think it's a known Sindy doll defect.

I don't like the dress she came with. It's so long and just not her style.

I found some rubber bag charms for P10 each at a gift shop. I removed them from their rubber straps because I don't need those for my dolls (but maybe I can use them for my keys or USB drive).

At another thrift store I found a dimsum charm (it looks like character siopao), and a bottle of green tea charm with a Korilakkuma on the bottle cap. The bottle is supposed to light up at the bottom but it doesn't work anymore. I also found a base with pegs on top which I can use for one of my anime figures. I bought all three for P30.

To Ms. 2D, I bought the charm, the bottle and the base at Desibel! I think the good dolls in that store are all gone when I visited. It's OK.

I also bought 2 cheap coloured bra straps at the gift shop. I plan to make doll suspenders out of them. Also in the lot are toothpicks I bought at the same gift shop. I thought I need some toothpicks for crafting.

Here is Sindy all groomed and styled. I love her! She has that youthful charm even though her body is quite grown up.

She is wearing a vintage Betty Teen or Gloria (I really don't know) outfit that I got from another doll, and Licca shoes. I am surprised that she has the same feet size as Licca even though Sindy is way taller than her.

I should dress her up in vintage fashion clothes because that's what she was made for, so I'll come up with something in the near future, haha.

Sindy's adorable face reminded me a little of my Moxie Girlz Avery doll so I brought her out again. Her hair has tamed down a bit because I brushed the top part but left the curls at the bottom just the way they are. I switched her maryjanes to these yellow plastic boots I got from a cheap shoe pack because I thought the colours might be a good match to her outfit. At first I thought it looked OK, then it just got weird for some reason, so I put back her old maryjanes.


  1. Interesting haul! I haven't been to Desibel for the longest time. I believe you will find dolls that are meant to be found by you. I also have sindy, congrats!

    1. True. Because after I've been to Desibel, I went to this other thrift store and found Sindy!