Monday, October 5, 2015

La Dee Da fashion pack

I found a La Dee Da fashion pack on sale for P200 at Kids Depot, Araneta Center, Cubao.

I thought it's a nice deal because I have a La Dee Da doll, and from what I know about Barbie fashion packs, the price range is normally P250 to P400 depending on the items. This fashion pack has so many stuff so that's what made me get it.

The colours of the dress reminded me of Gigi Grant from Monster High. Haha. Anyway, the fashion pack comes with a long dress, an extra tulle filler which can be used to lengthen the skirt or style the upper part of the dress, shoes, a clutch bag and a simple bow with velcro that can attach to doll hair.

The dress is constricting on the legs. My Sloane's legs were closely together when I tried the dress on her. It's also quite difficult to hike it up past her knees because of the tightness of the skirt. This dress style doesn't allow me to try it on a Monster High doll because MH dolls have wide hips!

The extra tulle accessory was confusing for me. I couldn't achieve its effect when worn on the chest as shown in the box photo. But I could turn it into a huge collar, if I wanted too, so I guess that makes up for the problem.

The clutch is impossible to hold by the doll. No handles whatsoever, so I decided to keep the clear band wrapped around it for future use.

The shoes are ok. Not great, but it does the job anyway. So is the bow, not that great but that's all I have and it does attach to the doll hair when I place it on the doll's head.

Maybe in the future, I'd switch the clothes of Sloane and loan her original outfit to another Monster High doll who needs an outfit badly.


  1. Replies
    1. If it's a dress with a-line skirt then yes it will fit. MH dolls have bigger hips so if the skirt is too fit for La Dee Da, then it will not fit MH.