Thursday, October 15, 2015

Honey Hill Bunch

I saw this soft cloth doll at the thrift store. (I've already washed and combed her hair in this photo.)

I saw on the tag that it's made by Mattel in 1975. Oh vintage! I remember seeing a different one on an earlier visit to the store, but I didn't get that one. What made me purchase this particular doll is because I initially wanted her head but not her body. I bought her for P15 so I thought I won't feel bad when I decapitate this doll. I have an extra Toy Century body mentioned in this entry and which I just fixed with hot glue. I thought this doll's head might be a funny match to the body. However, when I looked up this doll online for identification, I find it difficult now to push through with my decision.

This is a Honey Hill Bunch doll from Mattel in the seventies. This doll is the Slugger Doll or simply Battie. She's supposed to have her green top and a soft bat, but nope.

I'm thinking of keeping her as she is and just find another head donor. What do you think?

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