Monday, October 12, 2015

Ever After High Mira Shards

OMG. This is an upcoming doll from Ever After High and I can't wait to see her get reviewed. It's Mira Shards!!

At first people thought that she looked so much like Raven Queen so they are wondering that this must be her in a new form. And 'Mira Shards' sounds like Mirror Shards and could be referring to the Evil Queen's magic mirror being broken.

She's actually the Evil Queen herself out of the Magic Mirror and in teenage form so she could attend Ever After High! She's supposed to appear in the TV special entitled Dragon Games.

I thought Courtly Jester might be my favourite upcoming doll from Ever After High, but seeing how much her appearance as a doll has changed since her preview (not enough purple on her hair, among other things!!), I say I like Mira Shards better!

Mira Shards is perfect!!!

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