Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bratz Kidz, and Rapunzel mini doll

I thrifted these two dolls on separate occasions.

This Bratz Kidz doll that just confuses me...

I can't identify this doll. Also I find it strange that it has no articulation in the body at all!

I bought this doll for P20 from a street vendor outside the Quezon City hall.

Her hair is very thick though so that's cool. I've started painting it with a base coat. I'm not done with the repaint yet!

And here is Rapunzel from the Disney Tangled Ever After exclusive mini princess doll set. Her right leg is about to come off and she has bite marks on her legs and hands. She's almost the same size as my Dawn doll so I thought it's cool that Dawn will have a companion very soon when I'm done fixing Rapunzel. I actually hot glued her right hip joint so her right leg is stuck in that position forever. It's OK because I just plan to display her as a mannequin anyway.

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