Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Bootlegs, bootlegs, bootlegs! [Part 3]

I think this isn't really the third part at all because I have posted separate bootleg entries earlier (Check out my bootleg tag to view them), but for the sake of following what I started, let's just pretend in the mean time that it's just the third post, haha.

Some Ever After High fakes:

Who is this supposed to be? But I like that there are many shoes included in this box.

Bootleg of Madeline Hatter and Briar Beauty, I think.

Another bootleg of Briar Beauty... in animal print!

This seems like a fusion of Raven Queen and Draculaura from Monster High, doesn't it?

I kinda like the faceup because her lip color makes her mouth fuller.

And not an Ever After High bootleg, but a Winx Club bootleg! This is actually taller than 12 inches! It's probably like 17 inches. That tall! But she has no shoes.

Her eye shape looks freaky and her limbs are so thin. I just don't like Winx Club that much. I mean, the dolls have good clothes sometimes but no, the dolls just are not my cup of tea...

A shelf full of cheap dolls!

This cheap bootleg of Moxie Girlz caught my eye because of the outfit! It's pretty cute!

Two doll playsets that remind me of Licca-chan.

Imitation Barbie fashion packs and Disney princesses (Snow White and Rapunzel).

More bootlegs of Barbie and Disney Princess (The Little Mermaid).

Pretty sure that Sparkle Girlz are bootlegs of something. Moxie Girlz? Barbie? Disney? They know no boundaries. Haha. I took this photo when the Sparkle Girlz just arrived in Manila.

Another fashion pack similar to Barbie, and a bonus Licca-chan bootleg on the right.

This Barbie bootleg called Haidee, and a three-pack, whoa! I noticed the one in the middle because I think her pink outfit looks good for a bootleg doll.

Jianidi Girl Feelings doll. It's sold much cheaper at Landmark department store than in Toy Kingdom.

Anlily school girl dolls. Anlily is the Barbie of Taiwan!

Samantha Teen Lifestyle. Because of the big doll heads, I am reminded of Liv dolls though the articulation and the quality are nowhere close.

Bootleg of the Shopkins blind bag.

Green Lantern action figure and Funko Pop figure bootlegs in one set!

Thor action figure and Funko pop figure bootlegs! There were other characters but I got shy taking more pictures of stuff I'm not going to buy anyway, haha.

More blog entries and photos to come!

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