Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Toys R Us toy fair

I checked out Toys R Us toy fair at Trinoma, but I didn't buy anything because a) I already have Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews as early as July or August (no kidding), b) I was low on cash, c) I didn't find anything I really really like.

But there were some good deals for other doll collectors, I suppose.

Loads of My Little Pony Equestria Girl dolls on sale. The cheapest would be those sold at P350. An example is DJ Pon-3 above. Her top is moulded but her skirt is made of fabric. She has actual feet and boots that fit her. Another type of MLPEG doll out there is the one with pegged feet. Never got any of these because I find them quite ugly. Ugh those stupid hands and legs. So ugly! 

Monster High dolls with discounts were only a few. They're mostly Art Class dolls sold at P900. I did see a Invisibilly doll in there somewhere, too.
Oh and that dusty Draculaura car. I forgot to check the price, but it was also there wanting a new home, haha.

The cheapest Barbie doll yet. The entry level dolls were bundled as BOGO at P400! That's P200 per doll! I didn't get any though because I have enough Barbie dolls already.

The stiff Fashionista dolls were also on sale for P500. Not bad.

(I still want a Princess Malucia doll but the cheapest I've found her is also at Toys R Us at P500. Aww.)

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