Sunday, July 26, 2015

iBesties dolls

I found this Kickstarter advertisement for a new doll line. It's good!

It's called iBesties. It's made up of 6 girls in the doll line with very modern interests at such a young age. I'm pretty sure Barbie has its Barbie I Can Be campaign before, but I don't know. This doll line might be able to reach out to more girls who are just discovering their interests and hobbies.

Here is a photo of the two prototype dolls they have:

They're gorgeous!

According to the official website,, Mckenna handles the business side in their group. She's the business boss doll and takes after her dad as a lawyer. I mean, isn't that what some kids do? copy what their parents do? Aside from this, Mckenna is also a cheerleader! And look at the way her outfit was made. It's not a formal business suit, but a fun outfit she is comfortable with while working!
The photo on the website looks somewhat different to the doll (hairstyle, colour of the shirt, style of the jacket, and the tights are supposed to mismatch) but this is all right.

The other girl's name is Jada and she is the iBesties team's graphics guru. She likes to sing, dance and skateboard. Children are usually exposed to drawing by hand during early education, and I remember the only time we used a computer in kindergarten is when we had to do word puzzles. If kids can be exposed to things like this that adults do, what are the possibilities! Give them a computer, supervise them and see what they can do with a paint or photoshop program.
On the website, she's not wearing her hair in a braid, she wears a hat and not cat ears, and her clothes look somewhat different except the pants, but this is OK too. She can wear cat ears as she pleases; it's totally fine! And it's a good thing that this doll reminds me of Clawdeen Wolf of Monster High whih I like so I like Jada too, haha.

I was pleasantly surprised that they even have a coding doll and a blogging doll.  I think it's just a grand idea to introduce such activities to young ones. The things they could do with digital tools, whoo!

Hope iBesties get the amount of pledge money that they need to produce the dolls.

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People website has another photo of Jada:

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  1. You're right! They are georgeous, I wonder if they will be available here..