Friday, July 10, 2015

Licca-chan bootleg Beloved

I found these dolls at SM Megamall's Toy Kingdom when I took a break from Toy Con. I had to rearrange the boxes so I could take a photo of all 4 dolls:

Her body is just the generic Bratz bootleg body. And the clothes don't seem to fit her? Her chest is exposed in some of the boxes!

I browsed online and found the three original outfits that have been copied. Here they are:



Nurse Licca-chan

I couldn't find the polka dot outfit. :(
The nurse uniform is the closest match. It's only missing the heart and cross detail on the chest.

I don't think I'll get any of these. I still have a lot of nude dolls to dress up.


I added comparison photos just because.


  1. I might buy one even though they're cheap clones.
    And wow! You did your research ;-)

    1. I just stumbled upon one of the dresses online, so I thought if it's a clone doll, the clothes could be clones as well. Hehe.