Friday, September 4, 2015

Edeng Toys Center

I was at Market Market and passed by the Gift Market section (1st floor) and found Edeng Toys Center. It's a huge place that has all kinds of stuff you normally see in Divisoria. The store is packed with party supplies, toys, hair accessories, stationery, magnets, keychains and other small knick-knacks. Did I mention toys? So many plastic toys from China, haha. And I even found so many clone dolls.

I couldn't take photos because first, my phone battery was dead at the time, and second, I don't know if the store allows it, but about the clone dolls, the most fascinating would have to be the bagged dolls hanging from the ceiling. I don't know if they're really authentic or just clone dolls, but some of them could pass off as vintage. Maybe they're second hand, who knows?

There were also two bags of anime looking dolls, and one of the bags contains more doll clothes and accessories than the other, but I didn't get it because it was priced at P450 which is too expensive. I was thinking of Cure Black when I saw the extra stuff because I thought that maybe it might fit her, but I can live without it so nah.

Another interesting clone I found is this very tiny doll that has a small Moxie Girlz head. It was priced at P65, pretty tempting to get one especially since I just thrifted a Dawn doll and the clone's dress might fit, but you know how clone dresses are made; of cheap fabric and too many shiny stuff and ruffles, so it might just not fit the aesthetic meant for a Dawn doll.

If only they had stock of clone Monster High or Ever After High dolls that have articulation, I would probably come back and buy some, but sigh, it seems I could only get those cheap in Divisoria. I haven't even done my research yet on where to find MH or EAH dolls or doll stuff in Divi.

I'm posting some links I found. The pics don't give the place justice.
It's pretty overwhelming once you're inside, and definitely more spacious than your average Divisoria store stall.

+ + + + + + +

Speaking of Divisoria, if ever I find MH and EAH stuff I see online on Aliexpress or Taobao over there, I might pick up the following:
  • MH body parts. I have a lot of limbless MH dolls that need special attention.
  • MH/EAH shoes. I mean, I could make my own, but nothing beats sculpted plastic doll shoes, in my opinion.
  • Doll stands. Even if I could make my own using balloon sticks with cups and jar lids, I think it's still nice to have factory-made ones. My three new dolls, Kitty, Honey, and Sloane all have doll stands so I have better appreciation of ready-made ones.
  • Probably a clone Wydowna Spider and/or clone Sirena von Boo because a six-armed doll is rare, and Sirena's mermaid sculpt is pretty interesting. Sirena can stand on her own using her mermaid tail, so if clones can also do it, then it's very cool.
  • Other dolls I might find interesting.

So many cool stuff to see and purchase, but not enough money to spend.


  1. Hello, you might be interested when in Divisoria, have you been to Bodega? the whole 2nd (or 3rd Floor??) all full of plastic toys made in China, etc. I forgot the address maybe u can Google it. Also Andings in Divisoria near chowking

    1. Thank you for the tip! I was actually at Divisoria earlier, but just at 168 mall and I didn't even look around that much, so I didn't find good MH bootlegs.